Amplify your future

Get your chance to shape your future and rock your path with us! ​ Amplifon Records is an international Graduate Program, so no matter where you come from, you can be part of this adventure starting in Milan!

1. Which departments are included in the Amplifon Records Graduate Program?​

The program encompasses a diverse range of departments, such as Finance, Marketing, IT, HR, Retail Excellence, and Procurement & Supply Chain.​

2. Where does the Graduate Program take place?​

During the initial 6 months, you'll be based in Milan, Italy. Following this, you'll embark on your international assignment in one of our 26 countries.​

3. Can I apply if I do not have a full-time work permit for the European Union (EU)?

Yes, we sponsor visas for the Amplifon Records Graduate Program, handling all immigration procedures and paperwork. It's important to note that while we facilitate visa sponsorship, proper timing is crucial to ensure all administrative procedures are completed smoothly. This could be from two to eight months, depending on the nationality, but we will assess what’s needed through the recruitment process.

4. Is a permanent job guaranteed at the end of the Program?

Absolutely. From day one, you're offered a permanent contract with Amplifon. Our Graduate Program is designed to nurture young talents and boost their careers within our organization.

5. What steps are involved in the recruitment process for the Graduate Program?

Candidates are required to apply online via our official website. Applications undergo a thorough review by our recruitment team, assessing qualifications, skills, and experiences.​

Shortlisted candidates proceed to further assessments, including interviews, psychometric tests, and assessment centers. The final stage involves interviews with Senior HR, Business Leaders, and the Chief of the respective function, either online or in person.​

Successful candidates will receive offers to join the Graduate Program starting between mid-September and the beginning of October. Throughout the process, we seek candidates who not only excel academically but also resonate with our values and exhibit passion for their chosen field.​

6. If I am currently doing an internship at Amplifon, would I be eligible to apply for the Graduate Program in the future?

Absolutely! Simply notify your First Line Manager and HR Business Partner, and you'll be guided through the process.

7. Can I choose the country of destination?

While we value your preferences, the final decision depends on the opportunities available in the different countries.

8. Can I still become a Graduate if I'm not done with my Master degree when the Program starts in September?

To be eligible, you must graduate within the current year.

9. Do I have the opportunity to change departments during the Program?

No, the program follows a rotational structure. During the initial 6 months, you'll experience two different areas (3 months each), followed by a 12-month international assignment.

10. In which language do I need to submit my application?

Applications must be in English, the standard business language at Amplifon.

11. What training and development opportunities are offered?

Throughout the journey, you'll have access to numerous learning opportunities, including the Graduates Onboarding weeks, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, language courses, and mentoring sessions.​

12. Are there opportunities for international experience or mobility as part of the Program?

Absolutely, international exposure is integral to the program. After the initial 6 months, you'll have the chance to work in any of our 26 countries.

13. What is the structure of it?

The program spans 18 months, with the first 6 months in Milan, followed by a 12-month international assignment.

14. Until when can I apply?

Applications are accepted from February to June. To apply, go to our Career site and click on "Apply Now" button. Keep in mind that once the button is no longer available means that we have closed our applications.

​ 15. How does the job rotation work?

Job rotation offers a comprehensive understanding of roles, departments, and the company, while facilitating networking opportunities.

16. What is the timeline?

The program commences in mid-September and concludes 18 months later.

17. How many Graduates are hired?

We typically onboard between 7 to 10 Graduates per edition, ensuring we attract the best talents to Amplifon.

Amplify your future

Get your chance to shape your future and rock your path with us! ​

Amplifon Records is an international Graduate Program, so no matter where you come from, you can be part of this adventure starting in Milan!

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